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Our History

Old Country Wood Products Ltd. began operations in Victoria British Columbia in 1982 under the current ownership of David and Gillian Conway. Formally Conway Joinery,  The company currently employs 15 people and has experienced steady growth since inception.

For over 28 years Old Country Wood Products has manufactured custom wood elements, from table and chair parts to architectural millwork for the building industry. Our manufacturing capabilities are diverse, one of our mainstays has been custom wood turning utilizing cnc lathes routers and custom built machinery, we are able to reproduce a vast array of heritage and contemporary turnings, such as balustrade’s and column’s up to ten feet, along with moulding, curved moulding, rope twist moulding etc.

Recent internal breakthroughs (patent pending) in the use of wood laminates and other materials have enabled our newest product line, West Coast Beams, which provides a lightweight wooden construction for non-load bearing beams in commercial and domestic construction together with invisible fastening. West Coast Beams is much lighter than conventional, solid wooden beams and can be prefabricated off site and easily re assembled and installed. They’re used for both beam and post construction providing decorative architectural elements in buildings as well as providing a conduit to hide services such as electrical wiring, plumbing and sprinkler systems. West Coast Beams is custom matched to the unique needs of the client.


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